What is woven

It’s taken me a while to get back to this post, “today” was last Friday.

Today was a big day.  Today was just like any other day.  But it was a big day.  Two wonderful years at kindy have come to an end, and it is the day where we step out of one bubble , and into the next, with the hope it will be as safe and indestructible as this one has been.

If you knew Izzy before you’ll know just how much her life has changed.  Not just her name and her gender marker, but her whole way of being.  Being affirmed as a female allowed Izzy to step out into the light and my god does she shine!  She was given the space to shine at her kindy.  Her teachers waited patiently and when the light began to show through they welcomed it, encouraged it and celebrated it with us.

Leaving this wonderful place today, another mum asked me – do I feel sad to be leaving it behind?  The answer is – no, I don’t.  Kindy has given me something much greater than a dependence, they’ve given my child the skills and the tools to move on to her next place in the world.  They’ve helped to provide her with a super strong sense of self.  They know her, and to be truly known is one of the most important gifts you can receive.  They’ve cemented my belief that being open about your weaknesses and honest about your needs, leads to receiving help to strengthen that which is weak and fill that which is needed.

When I say “kindy” has given us these things, of course it is the wonderful supervisor, as she calls herself (I think pillar of support and wisdom probably more apt) and teachers that I am actually referring to.  It’s not kindy itself, it’s the people who make it special.  I will miss these people and I will keep in touch, but leaving them behind is a part of life – they continue to work their magic and it is a wonderful feeling to know that they are out there doing what they do.

So while I feel I’ve had to say a goodbye of sorts, it’s less of a door closing than another one opening.  I’m excited to see how the people and experiences through this new door will enrich Izzy’s life and how she might enrich theirs.

I’ve written before about the bubbles we exist in, but today I feel like it’s more of a grand tapestry – Izzy’s has only just begun in it’s creation, each experience will add to it’s design and we have no idea how it will end up looking.  I can see it in my mind’s eye though – a life of joy, tempered by sadness and loss, as everyone’s lives are, but dominated by joy.

Here’s to open doors!



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