Headaches and kufuffles

There’s this really nasty tension headache that’s been imposing itself upon me the last few days.  Really nasty.  So nasty in fact that I had to ask Harry to come home from work early yesterday.  With some peace and quiet the headache faded back into a dull ache, but during a phone call to our GP just now,  it’s threatening a full scale return.

I’ve got Freddie sitting/lying on the arm of the chair next to me, humming and thumping his foot to the tune of the Irish national anthem (of course), it’s pulsating through my head and I feel like screaming.  

Last week the kids appointment letters arrived regarding their tonsillectomies set for May.  Yup, just as school goes back I’ll have the two monkeys back at home for a week.  Why my wish for them to be operated on during the holidays was not granted, I will never know.

But anyway, I digress.  Freddie’s letter was all good, but Izzy’s was addressed to the wrong freaking person – yus, having changed her NHI details in one excruciatingly revealing conversation some months back, and having since received all hospital correspondence with the correct details, we now, just a couple of weeks away from her op’ discover she is now a he.  Excuse my swearing, but FARK!

Long story short, it turns out SOMEONE has changed her record back to her birth name and gender and written on it in capital letters, actual capital letters – DO NOT CHANGE THIS CHILD’S DETAILS.  Who the hell did that I don’t know, but I wonder if they could even come close to guessing the extreme anguish and distress it has caused?

My GP discovered this info for me, because a “member of the public” can’t contact this particular office.  Even though it was this member of public who requested the name/gender marker change in the beginning.  The lady she spoke to said that if the family gives their consent then she is happy to change the record, BUT because there is this note on there she can’t until she’s spoken to the Ministry of Health.  Now the Ministry of Health says in their policy on transgender health care, that it is a human right for trans patients to have their records changed to reflect their name and gender and that no ‘proof’ of being transgender is required.  So who was it?  Why didn’t they just contact me, or our GP if there was some sort of problem?  Surely it’s a breach of Izzy’s human rights for this to have been done without our knowledge?

So yes, tension headache is returning, but two days running I can’t get Harry home early, so I’m ploughing on through.

On the bright side we celebrated Izzy’s last day at kindy today.  More on that later.



  1. Yikes- what a mess regarding Izzy’s records! It seems like it should not have to be this difficult, should it? I’m sorry to hear this happened. It’s obvious someone doesn’t realize how wrong it was to make the changes back.

    I hope you can get it all straightened out. And I hope you’re feeling better!

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    • Thanks Simon. I’d really like to know, seems so strange. My GP said no news is good news in regards to it being changed back, but I’ll double check before the operations on Thursday. It would be truly awful to have them use the wrong name.


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