Life with a transgender child

Simply months ago, a new blogging friend asked me if I would consider writing a guest post for her blog – Thatswhatlynnsaid  I leapt at the chance, being a follower and fan of Lynn’s writing – she advocates for transgender people, and writes straight from her big, warm, heart.  Being me, I’ve only just got it finished!

It would be awesome if you scooted over to check it out, and while you’re there – read some of Lynn’s other posts like They’re Not Just Numbers where she writes about the homeless and you’ll figure out why I like her.

Lynn has also written a book Who Am I If You’re Not You? Loves journey beyond gender, you can read all about it here.



  1. I just read your post over there, Rachel! Beautifully written. I can relate to your struggle with beginning to write it and how important it was to really feel the writing. When it comes from the heart, it is so healing, isn’t it? I think my best writing comes when I just let it flow from my heart and I always feel so much better. Besides, as you described- there’s not holding those words back. 🙂

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