Being brave

(This is a week old, I must have got distracted!). 

I was planning on writing a follow up to my last (brief) post, but there’s something else on my mind, some other words that need to get out.

Today someone did something really lovely for me.  Another mum turned to me in assembly, took a deep breath, and blurted out something she’d been debating whether to say or not.  She wanted to know if she could do this lovely thing for me, but, understandably as we don’t yet know each other really well, she wasn’t sure how I would receive this offer.  Would I be insulted?  Embarrassed?  Horrified?  Clearly I was thrilled and am enjoying the spoils of her thoughtfulness as I type.  

Be brave.  If you have good thoughts act on them.  If you hear of someone in need help them.  If you see someone having a rough day – go bake those cookies, wrap them up and brighten up that persons day.  There is something very special about the connection made when someone does something for you selflessly.

Thank you “someone”, you know who you are. X


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