When you feel the love

I dunno if it’s just the medication, lol, but I have been FEELING THE LOVE lately!

On Sunday Harry took the kids down to our local volcano (ah yeah!  You read that right, we have a local volcano) for a pre-beach walk.  Now when my kids go out they kinda like to dress like they’re going to a Halloween party, that’s just their thing.  So Izzy had on a princess dress we bought last week for $2 in a garage sale.  Freddie wore an old skirt of mine that mum took in for him (this is sounding familiar???  I might have mentioned Freddie’s skirt in a previous post, but I’m already juggling dinner prep standing at the kitchen bench banging this out, while the kids have their allotted time of Sophia the First, so I daren’t waste a minute browsing my old posts for a sneaky link), a pink dress shirt, bow tie (silver) and a hooded dressing gown in wizard blue.  They were looking all kinds of spesh walking along the road.  So anyway this big ol’, very desirable, four wheel drive pulled up next to them, the window lowered to reveal a couple looking admiringly at the kids.  Apparently our kids “charmed”them.  Our kids?  And they explained that they were getting ready to move to the country and in cleaning out their attic discovered a huge pile of dress ups that once belonged to their daughters, now teenaged, and would we like to have them?  Strangers!  Never met them before!  So Izzy and I went round yesterday after kindy and wow!  Walked away with a wonderful pile of amazing outfits.  Felt the love man!

Then, in anticipation of the first day of school, I emailed Freddie’s new teacher letting her know about the autism and giftedness and also that Freddie may well rock up to school in a skirt (he did) and bow tie (he didn’t, choose an old work tie of Harry’s, which I’m sure dates back to the late 90’s).  Well, she came right back to me with the love.  Primary school is a wonderful, safe environment for children to express themselves through their clothing she wrote, she shared a personal story that made me just feel like – yup, we’re in good hands.  And I say we because to me our school is much more than a place to drop my kid off for learning, it’s a place that nourishes them, that reaches out to involve the family and whanau (extended family) and nourishes them too.  

Each year I get better at shaking off that feeling.  That feeling of not wanting to stand out.  Not wanting to be a parent that is overbearing, overwhelming and over involved.  Each year I have to consciously tell myself that this is just a feeling.  That it’s ok and welcomed to bring issues up with the school, it’s ok and welcomed to ask to be heard.  It’s good to make your presence known.  I find it hard to do that, but the rewards when you do step out of your comfort zone are enormous.  Or they have been in my experience anyway.  So totally felt the love with Freddie’s new teacher.

Got a whole lotta love walking in to kindy today!  Witnessing Val and each of the teachers greeting Izzy filled me up with peace, joy and happiness.  I mean, you couldn’t ask for warmer more sincere greetings.  And seeing Izzy’s head held high, exuding self confindence as she walked through those gates presented me with a moment to love not only her, and Val, and the teachers, but myself.  Myself for being her mum and being part of the group of people who surround her that have brought this self confindence back in to her life.  We’ve worked hard since Izzy’s transition, to bring about this very moment.  This moment when she arrives with head held high.  I really felt it today.

Then there’s the big old serve of love in a quick catch up chat with Freddie’s old teacher.  You couldn’t find a person with more love to give.  Seriously!  This teacher has her kids names inked up on the window (I’m assuming she’s totally used washable marker cause she’s a mum and a teacher and pretty smart), and I was having a nosy over her shoulder while we chatted, wondering which little gems she has in there this year.  I spotted two or three names, and that’s when the love hit – these kids are going to get the love and care my kid got from her last year, she is just the teacher they need and shucks, it’s such a good feeling when you see kids getting what they need right?  So that was a big old love up right there.

Then there was the text from Lou.  Lou of the unflappable (u can read about her here in a post I wrote way back called Unflappable).  She said her son thought Freddie’s tie was cool.  Love.

All that is needed to top this love fest off is a glass of wine!



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