Autism Lives in This House 

A few weeks back I was feeling quite down, I read this Mum’s post  on her blog Our Trip To The Moon here at WordPress,  and felt a little less alone and a whole lot less of a failure.  To read the full post, and I highly recommend you do, Click here

The additional stress that raising a child with autism poses on a parent is immense. It feels like a weight that you carry around with you most days. Some days it is like a small rock in your pocket. The additional weight isn’t much but it reminds you that it is there as you reach your hand in and run your fingers back and forth over the smooth and rough edges. Other days it feels like you have a heavy sac thrown over your shoulder. It feels like you might crumble beneath the weight. This weight becomes more than a physical burden. It is a burden to your mind as you are constantly in a deep thought process. It can be anything from making sure that the schedule and routines of the day are in place. You worry about tomorrow and what triggers might set your child off. You worry about next week when you know their teacher is going to be away and wonder how they will cope with that change. You worry about everything that you do and everything that you don’t do. You worry if it’s enough. You worry about what their life will look like after 18 years. Will everything that you are doing today and tomorrow prepare them for the future?


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