Lying in bed with Izzy tonight, post four chapters of Noddy (Geez Noddy real depends on Big Ears to solve his problems!), Izzy said “can we chat for a while mum?”  I’m REALLY tired at the moment, school hols are awesome but freaking exhausting, so I said “Yup, as long as I can chat with my eyes shut” Izzy’s chatter in bold:

Mum, where do seeds come from?”  Even as I started down the path of plants and seed pods I knew I was in for it…”Mmmm, yes, I know about seed pods but Mum if seeds come from plants and plants grow from seeds then how did the first plant grow?” Errrrrr?????

“Mum, what’s in my balls?” “Nothing at the mo, when you’re older if you thought you were actually a boy and you went through puberty you’d get sperm” “Oh, no I’m a girl”

Question two “Mum, do I have eggs?”  Sigh “No my sweet, you’ve not got your ovaries so you can’t have eggs” “Can I get ovaries?” “No☹️”  “So Mum, I won’t hatch a baby then will I?” “Not from your tummy, no” “Mum I think that’s really sad” “It is, you’re right.” “It’s ok Mum. Some girls with ovaries don’t have eggs and some girls with eggs can’t have babies.” 

Oh how I love this girl.

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