Breathe. Sip wine. Breathe.


Holy heck I am frazzled!  

Sip wine.  Breathe.  Sip wine.



Coming up soon

Just a few more weeks of the summer hols, bittersweet days of needing a break from the kids but wanting to hold tight to every moment spent with them before we return to the routine of school and kindy.

Over the hols we’ve spent a lot of time at our local beaches, we’re superbly blessed in terms of choice, white(ish) sand, clear(on good days) water and gentle(if any)waves.  

This year the kids both have water confidence and no longer require an adults hand to grip on to as they play in the shallows.  

Last summer visits to the beach often ended in Freddie having a meltdown – too hot, too windy, too sandy… but this year he’s really pulled himself together and has become a very keen boogie boarder, as has Izzy.

Thinking ahead to those hot and humid February/March days I’ve been filling the kid’s heads with plans to make Beach Time part of our school/kindy day, every day that I can.  For me that means pre-preparing dinner (big ask, but possible as I’ve not got many commitments this term) and bringing afternoon tea when I go to pick them up, we can go straight to the beach from school.  I’ve talked about it almost every sunny day and Freddie has started to incorporate it on to his reality and THAT is a win! NB Freddie was diagnosed in December with Autism, High Functioning. He’s also Gifted.  Getting this idea into Freddie’s mindset is essential to it being a success.  And getting physical activity into both the kids daily routine is essential not only to their well being but to my mental wellbeing.

I’m excited about this year, Izzy will be starting school, beginning of second term.  We’ve got a meeting coming up at school to discuss how they can make school a safe and nurturing environment for our daughter, their very first affirmed transgender child.  We’ve got teacher interview coming up to meet Freddie’s new teacher (I know her as I’ve teacher aided in her class and am looking forward to seeing how Freddie might flourish under her care.  I have to mention I’m REALLY sad to leave our beautiful teacher from last year behind, I may have to volunteer in her class this year to soak up some of the awesomeness!)

Next week while Harry is off we’ll get the documents witnessed and sent off to change Izzy’s name on her birth cert.  Originally I wanted to get both name and gender changed but I’ve since learnt this involves Family Court and I believe is unprecedented in NZ to date.  So instead we’ll change her name and then apply for a NZ passport which allows for affirmed gender, we have a letter from Izzy’s doc to support our application. Last week the hospital changed her name and gender marker and that’s now changed with our GP too.  Izzy will be registered at school under her new name and gender.  All of these things, and of course the fact she has socially transitioned, will support our day in court, when that day comes.

Disappointing news is that I don’t have a guaranteed job at school this term – really sad about that, so keep your fingers crossed something will turn up.  I really want to be working at my kids school, not just because my kids are there but because I whole heartedly identify with and support the school’s ethos of inclusivity.  I’m also a little attached to some of the kids!

Well, that’s enough for now – Harry and the kids are due back any minute and then it’s toast, “pudds” and bed.  We’re in the final chapters of The Horse and His Boy, and although I’ve read it numerous times before I’m really looking forward reliving the end of the story.


Lying in bed with Izzy tonight, post four chapters of Noddy (Geez Noddy real depends on Big Ears to solve his problems!), Izzy said “can we chat for a while mum?”  I’m REALLY tired at the moment, school hols are awesome but freaking exhausting, so I said “Yup, as long as I can chat with my eyes shut” Izzy’s chatter in bold:

Mum, where do seeds come from?”  Even as I started down the path of plants and seed pods I knew I was in for it…”Mmmm, yes, I know about seed pods but Mum if seeds come from plants and plants grow from seeds then how did the first plant grow?” Errrrrr?????

“Mum, what’s in my balls?” “Nothing at the mo, when you’re older if you thought you were actually a boy and you went through puberty you’d get sperm” “Oh, no I’m a girl”

Question two “Mum, do I have eggs?”  Sigh “No my sweet, you’ve not got your ovaries so you can’t have eggs” “Can I get ovaries?” “No☹️”  “So Mum, I won’t hatch a baby then will I?” “Not from your tummy, no” “Mum I think that’s really sad” “It is, you’re right.” “It’s ok Mum. Some girls with ovaries don’t have eggs and some girls with eggs can’t have babies.” 

Oh how I love this girl.

Trans on TV 

I love it when something opens your eyes just a little wider – came across this article on ETCanada about trans characters (just a few trans actors I know, but still…) on TV starting in the 70’s.

As early as the 1970s, transgender characters have appeared in TV dramas and comedies. From ‘All in the Family’ to ‘Family Guy’ to ‘Transparent’, here are 21 transgender characters that shaped television viewers’ perceptions.

And I’ll add to that list – here in NZ we have a transgender actor playing a trans character on the soap Shortland Street 😁. 

Click on the link below to see the full list