Binge watching

I’m binge watching my way through three seasons of the hit show Transparent. Thanks C!!! 

Have you seen it?  This is a really good show, each episode makes me feel a slightly different way about the characters – they’re all so complex and so very human. 

Last night I watched the last four episodes of Season One, the references to the LGBT scene in pre-nazi Germany had me intrigued – was there any historical basis to this plot line?

Many of the scenes of Berlin take place in or around the Institute of Sex Research. The Institute, run by Magnus Hirschfeld–who is also featured throughout the season–was a real thing in Germany from 1919 to 1933

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  1. I remember the days of binge watching….. now just a distant memory. My little one rules the telly in my house, so I’m hoping she’ll kick the habit and start using the TV my parents bought her for Christmas (there’s only so much more “Frozen Fever” my nerves can take). My wife and I are due our annual Game of Thrones recap soon, so she’s got until then 😉

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