Time out

I’ve got an old friend visiting at the moment, you know the kind of friend – they have a spare key, let themselves in while you’re at work, eat all the food and then just lay around for days on end expecting you to wait on them hand and foot!

He’s been keeping me really, really busy – I’ve only just noticed how the attention he demands is affecting everything else in my life.  He’s like a possessive boyfriend, and I started to feel suffocated before I realised he was up to his old tricks.

He’s essentially prevented me from doing all the things I enjoy.  I’m not writing, reading or even watching tv!  The house is beginning to show signs of neglect and the kids haven’t had veges with dinner for weeks!  I’m struggling for conversation, he’s managed to steal my voice.

In the space of a few weeks, he’s succeeded in stripping me of the joy my life gives me.  Shitty house guest right?

So now I’ve realised what’s going on, he’s gotta go.  I’ve told him, and surprisingly he seems to respect that our days of “friendship” are done and he’s getting packed, preparing to leave.  

This is great, it’s only been a few weeks, last time he was here for months.

So, life should begin to return to normal, in time for my sister’s wedding, Christmas and the Great Summer Hols.  Maybe I’ll even get my writing mojo back!

I’ve known my inconvenient friend for over 30 years now.  It’s hard for him to pull the wool over my eyes these days!  But he’s probably got a string of other friends who might not be so savvy- maybe that’s you, or your partner, your child, your colleague?  If so, the short video linked below might help you see through him. Xx

I had a black dog – his name was depression.  



  1. Your an amazing mum and beautiful lady doing an amazing job.
    keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel it will shine through soon.
    hopefully the black dog will move along and not return.
    xx keep being you.

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    • You’re very welcome. I came across this video a few years back when my daughter was about ten months old- a rock bottom period in my life – and it just really helped, I kinda felt connected to the character and I liked the idea of giving depression a name that wasn’t so bloody clinical and, well, depressing. My depression is the kind that’s always there but managed with medication, my rock bottoms have always occurred after stopping medication at various fabulous times in my life! Oh and I especially identified with the part where he feels like he’s trapped in a glass bottle, he can see and hear life going on but he’s not part of it.
      I’m glad this has helped you xxx

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