Breaking out

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  There’s really just two reasons for this, the first is there’s just been too much going on that I haven’t been able to (wanted to?) process it, so writing about it hasn’t been an option.  The second reason is, that in that frame of mind, the idea of picking away at a post on my phone has been totally unappealing!  BUT joy of joys, tonight Harry came home with a little gift.  I am now the proud owner of a KEYBOARD!!!  I can prop the phone, or tablet up in it and type away as God intended.  What?  Glass of wine too many.  As my Form 3 & 4 typing teacher intended.

So this week we had Freddie’s neurological assessment.  Hmmm.  He loved it.  Next week we’ll hear the results.  Harry and I sat in the waiting room, we decided finally on a colour for the walls, at least the kids room.  Resene Opal.  It’s nice. They have it on the waiting room wall.  I’d like the sofa too.  I’ve always thought it would be great for the kids to have a sofa in their room.  We could ditch the chest of drawers, they’ve only got enough clothes to fill one drawer each anyway, maybe a sofa with two drawers underneath?  That’s sounding a bit bestoke, pricey, and never going to happen.  Maybe just the paint then.

I had to leave, before the testing was completed, to attend a brainstorm on how to build resiliance and how to tackle a couple of behavioural issues in Izzy.  As I drove between the two I  thought about how we got here.  How the hell did this become the norm?  Is this the norm?  Is this what my fellow parents are taking time out from their day to do?

At this brainstorming session, the child pscych who led it said something about what a service I’d be doing to write about all this stuff.  How it might help other people.  And I thought to myself how lacking my blog has been, how much more it could be.  I spent a night or two wondering what?  What do I write about?  To date I’ve just been emptying my mind, trying to eliviate the load.  Anything really to educate readers has been “reblogged” from other peoples posts.  I wondered, do I have anything worthwhile to share?  I’m still wondering.


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