Barbie, what happened to you?

Over the last three months (I can’t believe it’s only been that long since Izzy transitioned!) we’ve felt the joy of falling in love with our child all over again.  We’ve been privalaged to see her blossom, not over a number of years but over just a few months, and my how she’s blossomed.

I’ve always deeply loved my child, but Izzy J’adore.  She is magnificent.  She is just so full of love and joy, she lights up my life.

Before, she spent all her energy in expressing her unhappiness.  Now, that energy is free and it is expressed in the most beautiful ways.  Izzy LOVES flowers, she can spend an hour picking daisys, buttercups, clover in the park.  She inspects and appreciates every little beauty that mother nature produces.  Izzy wears flowers in her hair, as broaches on her clothes, she keeps vases filled with them on her bedside table.  Izzy LOVES pink, her room was always filled, by her, with anything pink she could find and now more so.  Izzy is kind and nurturing.  She has a huge capacity for empathy.

Izzy loves to sing.  She sings to herself, playing in her bedroom, walking to the car, trotting to drop Freddie off at school, picking flowers in the playground, building castles on the beach.  She loves to help.  She helps in the kitchen and in the garden.  Today Izzy called me “Mum, Mum!  You have to see this”.  She’d figured out how to put the hand towel back on the bathroom rail.  Perfectly.

Izzy has these brilliant ideas.  She’ll take a broken hairclip and turn it in to a piece of beautiful jewelry.  She’ll accessorise her tutu with a bowtie, another day she’ll use it as a headband.  She adds detailing to her clothes using stick on gems.  She makes clothes for Barbie, from an old shuttlecock, a floral tissue, playdoh.

Izzy is intelligent.  She poses surprising questions and makes wise statements.  Izzy loves to climb trees, she loves to jump from higher and higher places.  She pushes herself to conquer the things that pose her a challenge.  Izzy has a beautiful laugh, and a great sense of humour.

Everyday I’m thankful that this child was born to Harry and I, were she’s loved, nurtured and affirmed as being her and I whisper a prayer in my heart, for the children who are not.



  1. This is a fantastic post – I feel the exact same way! BB became such a different child when she started living as a girl. It is who she is meant to be. The tantrums, the struggles, the fits… it has basically all stopped. I am amazed at the differences. I shudder to think what she went through before – having to live in a body that didn’t match who she was. I love that you say you fell in love with your child all over again. It is so true!

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