Banging around

The other night I was lying in bed next to Izzy reading her bedtime stories.  She’d picked some old favourites we hadn’t read for a while and when we came to a badly torn page she said “Mum why is that torn?”  Now Izzy went through a very long stage where she tore every book we read.  “Well, when you were little you used to tear pages.” “Why?”  she asked.  “Well, I don’t really know.  Maybe you were feeling annoyed.”  Izzy said :”Like annoyed that you used to think I was a boy?”  “Mmmmmm, maybe.  But you don’t do that anymore, and we know you’re a girl.” I answered.  Then Izzy started giggling, “Mum, can I tell you something?  Freddie told me I can have an operation where they tuck my penis up inside me!  Is that true?”  I have to laugh, she’s giggling away herself.  “Well, yeah, but it’s an operation for adults, you know like cousin B’s age.” Izzy is cracking up “Mum I’m not getting that done! Well mum, I do want to, but I keep thinking about it banging around in my tummy when I run!”

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, a true LOL moment.



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