Life in The Bubble

The last “upset” has blown on through, and I’m once again feeling calm, content and thoroughly within The Bubble.  The Bubble, that’s the place we’re in now.

The Bubble is safe.  The Bubble is a place of acceptance.  It’s happiness.  The Bubble is the people around us.  The smiles, the hugs, the family and the friends.  The Bubble is Kindy.  It’s swimming.  It’s OT.  The Bubble surrounds us at school pick-up and drop-off.  The Bubble is present when we meet new friends.  The Bubble is great!

In the Bubble there’s no Transgender. There’s no dysphoria.  There’s no worries about what the future might hold.

I love The Bubble, but The Bubble can’t stay.  It’s not a permanent structure.  It’s a bubble.

The Bubble is a gift.  It gives us the time to grow, in knowledge and most importantly in strength.  It shows us who we are, who we have the potential to be.  These days are appreciated, they’re experienced, then filed under Happiness.  These days will give us a solid base for the future.  These days in The Bubble, they’re heavy with love and support.  These days in The Bubble are wonderful.

I know The Bubble can’t stay.  That’s OK.



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