Guest Blog: From then to now

Izzy’s teacher, Dani, shares her thoughts on Izzy’s transition.  

“Back in late 2015 when I was in my final year at university I was introduced to a great little “boy”.  In 2016 I was lucky enough to step into a full time position at the same preschool.  This was when I got to know the children and understand their very different personalities.  It was within the first few months I began to understand the children’s “hidden treasures”, the glimpses of light that shone within each child.  Some of these glimpses were stronger within some children than others.  

One day I sat down for story time when I heard a statement from a young boy “Will you have a girl or boy party?”  (pre Izzy replied) “One day I’ll be a girl” from here I developed a closer awareness of the mindset and acceptance of each child.  Why? Because the child that asked “will you have a girl or boy party?” did not judge.  He did not change the style of friendship, for him it didn’t matter if “he” was a girl at heart.  After talking to my manager, team and of course her mother I was lucky enough to be a part of this amazing transition. 

In July 2016 I was lucky to be the outside teacher where I could welcome Izzy as her true self.  When Izzy took her first step in the gate we could see the sparkle in her eye, when we said “Good Morning Izzy” and she was full of excitement, love and inner joy shining throughout her body.  Izzy was able to walk through her learning environment the way she had been dreaming of.  Izzy would no longer be referred to as a boy with a male name, but a girl with a name that held a special meaning to her.  

From this day on I was able to understand who Izzy really was.  She no longer wears the pink or purple dress ups that allowed her to be a princess, she was able to wear the lime green one that her friend (a boy) gave her to wear.  I ask why?  Is this because Izzy is happy who she now is and does not feel the need “to dress up” to become a girl.  She is now a girl, wearing girl clothes, with a girl’s name.  ‘Izzy is now Izzy’.  While at times Izzy might struggle with her communication she now knows that she is being heard and listen to.  Izzy loves to engage in family play where she will take on the roles of the mother or sister rather than a male role that used to do. 

At times we were unsure how to address the transition, or process, as we were unsure on how do we protect Izzy?  How would we allow Izzy to be Izzy?  Or how do we address the change in gender when questions arise from parents or children?  Overall I have been amazed with how accepting the pre-school community was with this process.  While questions were asked, they were mostly about her name being changed, and what name should they use, along with “What can we do to help her transition”.  Without hesitance the parents walked in and continue to say hello to Izzy. 

Months on, we notice that Izzy has gone through a variety of different feelings and emotion.  While Izzy is glowing and feeling more comfortable and confident in her own skin I could see there was times when she felt uncertain and didn’t know how to communicate with others.  However through these uncertain periods Izzy has become more mindful and understanding of other children allowing for friendships to widen and grow. 

Overall, as Izzy’s teacher, I am honored to be a part of her journey.  I look forward to seeing her grow and develop into the girl she dreams of becoming. ”




  1. Ugh, I was trying not to tear up while reading this. That is lovely for Izzy to have a teacher so understanding and the school to help her be her like that too. The parents going along. We need more stuff like this happening than what we more often hear. That was lovely. Really. It’s hard to know that, being more confident and happy that she can be herself. That can also bring her down when she’s not happy with her body. It can hit harder, but we all understand. I understand, we are all hear for her in any day she’s feeling a little quiet. I wish nothing but the best in her trantions. She sounds like a great kid. And this makes me realize there are great teachers out there. Xo

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    • We are so fortunate to be surrounded by so many kind, accepting, strong people. One day I have a post to write about the path that lead to them, everyday I’m grateful I chose the “right” path. Xxx love to you Jodi

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