Albert Nobbs

It’s been a REAL hard day, Freddie has been flying into rages since early this morning and we are all beaten down by it.  So, for recovery, I decided I’d find a film to watch with Harry tonight and came across one I’d watched pre-Izzy’s transition – Click to watch preview of the film Albert Nobbs.  It’s very moving, and well worth the watch.

But the thing is, I can’t remember connecting Albert with the word “transgender”, as far as I was concerned he was simply a fellow human being who’d been cruelly tricked in to the wrong body at birth (a female one) and was living his life upon the pain of discovery.  I guess, I feel the same way now.  We don’t really use the word “transgender”, I just think of Iz as a girl in a boy’s body.  

Thinking about this allowed me to connect with another blogger’s post, on Off the Spectrum, How Autistic Are You? by Anonymously Autistic.

I’ve read about gender being a spectrum, there’s loads of different ways people identify, and all these terms “trans”, “fluid”, “cis”…. but, I’m not sure where I’m going with this, all gender expression is human and it seems that it’s only once your place on the spectrum is pointed out and labeled do you feel you are other.  At the moment Izzy doesn’t feel other at all, she’s not aware of any special labels, she is just her.  

I wish it would stay that way.



  1. My hope is that as children like Izzy get older, our world will change and she will get to be just her. Hopefully with awareness, people will see that people are people, regardless of gender.

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