Click here to read Jacob’s Journey, raising a transgender child

I just watched this.  In tears.  It’s so beautiful and so happy and so real to our own experience.  

Today Izzy had her swimming lesson, we had to change days to fit in another ongoing appointment so Iz has a new teacher.  I admit, I did feel apprehensive, Lauren had taught Izzy through her transition and I trusted her 100%, would I be able to say the same of Izzy’s new teacher?  

Absolutely YES!  The lesson was fab.  Izzy now has two new classmates, and their parents, who have no idea that Izzy once swam with a different name.  It’s an exciting new time for us.  But that’s not what I wanted to write about.  I wanted to celebrate and rejoice over the way Izzy has become so beautifully Izzy.  She bounds into any room like a long legged gazelle.  She looks people in the eyes and maintains conversations.  She giggles and laughs and plays like the happiest child you’ve ever met!  Just like Jacob in the video link above.

Every day I feel so very grateful that she is our child.  She’s amazing, so glad I got to meet her:).



  1. Yet another wonderful post! You define what unconditional love truly means. i find myself celebrating that Izzy has such a beautiful mother!


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