And he’s back

As suddenly as the storm arrived, it left. 

It seems all the stars in the heavens are aligned, because Freddie is having a TOP afternoon. 

We’re now home from school, and lying on my bed together.  It’s warm and sunny in here, and this is the place we’ve given Freddie to use as his own (when 4 people are sharing 60sqm, you have to be creative to meet everyones needs for peace!).

Freddie is listening to the Famous Five, we just looked at each other, and smirked at a conversation about “George” enjoying being mistaken for a boy. He he, I love The Famous Five.  It’s unusual for Freddie to tolerate any company in here (case in point: in the time it’s taken me to write this Freddie has asked me “how long are you intending on staying in here mum, because I just really need this time to myself.” Goodbye sun and son.)

Freddie had lots to tell me on the way home from school, he’d written a three page story about his teacher and friend, and retold it to me word for word, it was good.  He’d spent lunchtime at chess club and had a great game, learning the Four Move Check Mate. Love it.  He’d asked a friend of ours if he could come over and have a duet with her on the violin, she said yes.  Izzy was off prancing about so he had his own space, perfect. 

I asked if he’d spent some quiet time anywhere during the day (usually effects his mood positively), but no, he said he’d been “far too busy”.

I checked his lunch box, (an empty one can sometimes effect his mood positively), no, not empty.  Drink bottle, 3/4 full.

Why is Freddie happy?  The answer elludes me.  But I’m grateful!


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