Brother, why didn’t you warn me?

Brother!  Why did you not warn me about Barbie?

Brother, you knew, when you saw my child playing with Barbie, you knew, and you didn’t think to tell me.

Why Brother?

If only you had said something, if only you’d let me know that Barbie had the power to inflict gender dysphoria while my child played with her.  If you’d said something to me, my child wouldn’t have to face a world of discrimination, fear and hate.

If only you’d shared your wisdom with me Brother.

Brother please tell me, did Barbie work alone?  Or were there others involved in this mind-washing, gender-bending transformation.  Who are they Brother?  You must know, after all, you knew about Barbie.  You didn’t say anything, but you knew.

Were the Silvanians involved Brother?  Those girly little families of animals, I never fully trusted them.

Oh Brother, tell me Strawberry Shortcake and her friends weren’t part of all this.  Please!  They belonged to our sisters, they’ve been in the family for years.  Oh God, my child’s not the only one who’s been exposed!  There’s B and S and of course Freddie.

What should we do brother?  Obviously I can’t change the past, but maybe we can spare other families, other children.  Brother you must speak up about this.  I think you should go to the papers. Maybe you could contact Mattel, they should put a warning on the box.  What do you think, something like WARNING: this toy may cause Gender Dysphoria?  My God, if they knew!  Oh no.  Tell me Brother, you’re not thinking Mattel is involved in this?  This is huge Brother!  You’ve got to do something to stop it!

You know there are groups out there you could approach, they might be able to help.

Brother, you don’t think it’s my fault do you?  Now I think about it, you never once commented on your nephew’s “dress-ups” and when you asked for suggestions for his fourth birthday and I said “anything girly, anything pink or beautiful” you turned up with a set of Lego, a big one, all in grey and black.  A jail I think it was.  Oh Brother, you didn’t think my child needed protection from me did you?


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