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Raising My Rainbow

I took the kids to the park to let them burn off some energy.  C.J.’s Brother was practicing some of his Parkour meets Jackie Chan meets eight-year-old white boy from The O.C. moves while C.J. played with a pink and yellow My Little Pony under one of the slides.   Another boy ran up to the playground and called out to C.J.’s Brother, turns out they are in the same class and the boy’s name is Kyle.

“You’re brother is playing with a girl toy!,” Kyle said to C.J.’s Brother after a few minutes.

“Yeah, I know, he’s gender nonconforming,” C.J.’s Brother said, stating the facts and moving on up the ladder to the tallest slide.

“Oh,” Kyle said following C.J.’s Brother up the ladder.  He obviously didn’t understand what the term “gender nonconforming” meant, but it apparently explained why C.J. was playing with a My Little Pony and, so, Kyle…

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