This morning I thought it was high time I armed myself with the knowledge held by those who believe I’m abusing my child.  Those who can’t reconcile themselves to the idea that early transition is in the best interest of a child who consistently, persistently and insistently claims they are the opposite gender to that they were labeled at birth.

A while back my sister and her partner assured me they could do the same amount of research as me and come up on the opposite side of the fence.  Meaning they could prove through research that our decision to allow Izzy this early transition is both morally and intellectually wrong.  

 Now, they are both intelligent people, they hold down good jobs, they’re not members of the Christian right, they have a child of their own and another on the way.  My sister has lesbian friends for heavens sake!  So I wondered how this could be possible?  How could they do the research, yet still remain opposed?

So today I started doing some Googling -“transitioning children is child abuse”. Low and behold up popped a prestigious looking site named The American College of Paediatricians.  That sounds pretty darn professional to me.  They sound like the kind of organisation you can rely on for “fact based” information.  Their website looks like the real McCoy and if I’m honest my heart sank quickly into my slippers with the realisation an actual group of professionals disagreed with what we were doing, I wondered how I could have missed this?  Was it possible the evidence was not as conclusive as I was telling everyone? Then I started to read their articles and my suspicions turned.  
A little more research and I discovered The American College of Paediatricians has just 60-200 members. It was established in 2002 with a Christian far right agenda.  As opposed to The American Academy of Paediatrics which has 64000 members and was established 80 years ago. It took just four clicks to prove the ACP is a hate group and that they provide anything but facts to their readers.  Disturbing.

I went on to read a number of articles published in mainstream media, where the same facts and data provided by legit organisations such as the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and the APA (American Psychology Association) were misquoted or used out of context to provide a thoroughly different conclusion than the papers from which they were taken.

Whether we choose to question what we read is up to the individual, but if we don’t question, we don’t learn, we follow like sheep and we never truly own our beliefs. 

I’ve always been a fact checker, I hope I can instill the same in my kids.


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