Irony – a play

Characters:  Izzy, a recently transitioned girl.  Freddie, older brother. Mum.

Scene: the older brother arrives home from school.  Sees his sister’s new dress.

Freddie: Oh, I would love to wear that dress!  Can I try it on?

 Izzy:  No!  Boys don’t wear dresses!

 Freddie: Of course they can!  Izzy, boys can wear dresses and girls can wear jeans.  They’re just clothes.

Mum stands out of eyesight with proud look on face.

Izzy: No! Girls wear dresses and you’re not a girl!

Mum: Oh come on Izzy, that would be so kind to let Freddie try your dress.

Freddie: Please Izzy?

Izzy: No! You’re not a girl Freddie you can’t wear a dress.

Mum looks on, horrified.

End of scene

I didn’t see that coming!  We’ve NEVER stereotyped with clothes, toys, activities.  I imagined we’d raise the most liberal children. 

It turns out only one is truely liberal and it’s not the one you’d expect!  Oh the irony!!


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