My friend, let’s call her Louise, is super cool.  We met just a couple of years ago when our eldest children became best buddies at kindy.

We’ve got a lot in common, two kids (until she went all wonder-woman on me and had a third), husbands we like to complain about (everyone does that right?), limited wardrobes of hand-me-downs and op shop items, one car and small homes (again – until she took advantage of her husband’s lackadaisical approach to house hunting and bagged a spacious upgrade when he wasn’t looking).

Except, unlike me, this women, Louise, is un-bloody-flappable! And believe me, I’ve put her through her paces.

Like the time we were enjoying the sunshine at the beach:  We sat, smuggly congratulating ourselves on becoming ‘ladies-who-lunch’, cause in our world -shoveling the leftovers of our children’s snack boxes into our mouths (you know – apple slices that have gone brown and thus been deemed in edible, half eaten jam sandwich triangles and soggy crackers) all awhile shouting behavioural corrections to our sand throwing, bucket snatching, four children and holding a conversation – actually constitutes being a lady-who-lunches.

I said to her something like “So, pretty convinced Freddie is on the autism spectrum. We had a support worker round a few times before Christmas to help us….”

Unflapped.  Just asked how she could help.

When I told her Izzy (who was not yet Izzy) had Sensory Processing disorder and we were seeing an Occupational Therapist…

She was not flapped.  Just said that was awesome we were getting help.

When I told her we were being referred to a psychologist and psychiatrist to get to the bottom of some social conduct issues with Izzy (still prior to Izzy being Izzy)…you guessed it!

She was not flapped!  She just said how great to have the chance to get some answers.

So clearly when I told her Izzy was now Izzy, and she wasn’t at all flapped, and nor were her kids, I just wasn’t surprised. Louise is 100% unflappable.

So, here’s to unflappable women, because unflappable women raise unflappable children, and I feel unflappable children are the ones who will change our world for the better.



  1. Love this post and all others on your blog. You are such an inspiring Mum who is showing all of us how powerful a mothers love can be. Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey.


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