There’s this new peace in our house. This new calm. It’s this thing that we used to wonder existed. Other people seemed to have it. But we didn’t. We definitely didn’t.

People used to say to us “Oh my God, how do you cope!?”because they saw we didn’t have this thing that we thought other people did.

We used to feel exhausted all the time. We used to blame each other for crappy parenting skills. We used to blame ourselves. I used to wonder when would the light come.

People say to us now – ” you’ve got so much to cope with, I don’t know how you do it”.

But we’re dancing a victory dance.  We’re doing a jig.  We feel like we just won lottery!

We’ve got that thing! That thing we thought other people might have.  We’ve got that! It’s right here in our home.

That thing is peace. It’s harmony.  It’s the absence of anger. That thing is acceptance.  It’s knowledge. That thing is joy.

That thing comes from understanding and embracing our child for who she is, who she’s been trying to be for so long.

People say it’s awesome how accepting and supportive we are, but do you know what we truly are?  We’re just happy.


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