Giving thanks

Already there has been way too much negativity in my writing, which is crazy because what I’m actually surrounded by is joy.

My partner, my kids and me – we’re happy, really happy. There’s this new harmony in our home and that’s because Izzy is allowed to be Izzy.

We have so many people in our lives to be grateful for.

We’ve got Izzy’s kindergarten owner who has been crazy supportive. You couldn’t really find a more open-minded and sensible woman. Izzy is now Izzy at kindy, the teachers all support her and use her new name. Thank you.

There are the kindy mums, I’ve spoken only to two but both have proven trusted allies and both have chosen to show that by inviting Izzy and I into their homes for play dates. Other mum’s have spoken to the teachers and voiced their support. Thank you.

My friends, mums from Freddie’s school, who’ve known Izzy for years, watched and accepted the dresses, headbands and barbie dolls, and now seamlessly accept and embrace the change of name and pronouns. They’ve explained to their kids that Izzy is happier as a girl and instinctively know this news won’t harm their children but help to make them strong, kind, accepting human beings. Thank you.

The two dear sisters who responded to the news not with questions but with open hearts. Their partners who joined them. Thank you.

My eldest nieces – beautiful women who care only that Izzy can be herself and live life freely and joyfully. Thank you.

My Mum, who has questions and concerns but who puts those aside to make sure Izzy and Freddie feel only her love. Thank you Mum.

Izzy’s grandparent’s who trust us, believe in us and love us all unconditionally. Thank you.

Izzy’s future school principal who responded by asking my permission to research best practice for preparing a safe and open school environment for Iz. Thank you.

To Freddie’s teacher who understood and trusted that we would do what is right for our children. Who offered to be there for us. Thank you.

To Izzy’s swimming teacher who is so accepting. Thank you.

To the people who have trusted me with their own stories and experiences. Thank you.

To all those who have responded with smiles. Thank you.

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