Second opinions

Q3. It also wasn’t clear if you had sought any second opinions from different doctors?  Is this something you preferred not to do? Again, I can only go from the details in the email.

A3. We haven’t felt the need for a second opinion.

I hope you can see that ☆Harry and I have put a lot of thought into our decision here.  We’ve put in hours and hours of research and discussion.  We’ve talked with the professionals in ☆Izzy’s life – kindy teachers, Izzy’s Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist, future school Principal, and of course the unnamed Psychologist and Psychiatrist.  But above all we come from a place of observation.  That is to say we have the added benefit of living with this child. And all we are really trying to do is raise a happy, self-confident kid.

We understand that it is a very new topic so feel free to ask more questions. It is new and different for us too, but really awesome if it means she can be who she has long felt she is. I welcome any research you are willing to do and are confident you will do that research as diligently as you do all things in your life.


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